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Dining Room Needs A Professional Makeover Why Your Dining Room ask Harold Pell

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Dining Room Needs A Professional Makeover

Oftentimes, dining rooms are ignored, in favor of the kitchen counter or the breakfast nook or the couch. Unless, that is, you’re entertaining, or there’s a special occasion that you want to celebrate with family and friends. So don’t neglect that dining room!


Here are the top five reasons that your dining room should get a professional makeover, stat:


  1. Dining rooms are often the least utilized rooms in the home, even though they are a great living space. So, think about it: when’s the last time you redecorated? Take a look in there today. That wallpaper has to go!Top 5 Reasons Why Your Dining Room Needs A Professional Makeover
  2. Don’t you ever get tired of the same old routine? Shake things up! Instead of eating in front of the TV or at the kitchen counter, spruce up your dining room to a comfortable, casual space that you can use anytime during the week.
  3. Entertaining almost always happens in dining rooms, so put your best food forward and make sure that this room matches the décor of the rest of your home.
  4. Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more storage space in the kitchen? Try adding a breakfast bar or a buffet to the dining room, and reconfiguring the furniture! There’s oodles of unused space in that room that you can re-utilize.
  5. If you really don’t ever use your dining room, then consider redecorating to re-do the room entirely. Maybe it could be a more casual living space, a second family room or living room.


No matter what your reason, redecorating your dining room will give your home a great new living space, extra storage, or whatever else you may need. For more information contact us today!


Written by Harold Pell

Harold Pell

Harold Pell is one of the most successful Interior Designers in the San Diego area. He is the recipient of nine San Diego ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) Chapter Presidential Citations and has received six Chapter Certificates of Appreciation.