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Good Reasons to Work With a Certified/Licensed Interior Designer 2of2

5.  Helping Guide the Clients through the Decision Making Process.  The toughest part of designing or remodeling is selecting from the multitude of choices available to the consumer today.  At Pell Interiors we know our sources and are continually updating this information.  Maintaining our relationships and making new ones well enough, we’re able to edit down the options and offer our clients advice based on reasoning andstrong relationship foundations.  This quality of guidance to so enhance this possibly trying time for the clients and their entire designing or remodeling venture.

6. Better Quality and Classic, Longer-Lasting Style.  When interviewing a designer, look for one who won’t succumb to trends that you’ll tire of in a very short time or by the following season.  At Pell Interiors we create a timeless look, specifically for you, that you’ll enjoy living and working in for years.  Instead of relying completely on what a retail store or showroom has on their floors to sell, we create custom items and details along with interesting wall finishes that can turn your house or offices into individual masterpieces.

7.  Assistance With Determining Priorities.  At Pell Interiors we will give you advice on how best to spend your resources now, and plan for future phases of your building, remodeling or new interior designing process.  When determining your money allocations towards your project, you need a designer who can line item and manage your dollars to get the most desired return on your investment.

8.  The Glue That Binds.  Sometimes our role, in the design process, at Pell Interiors is more of an arbitrator than an interior designer.  Couples don’t always agree on selections, course of action or desired final results and these awkward moments have become an expected part of the design process.  When these disagreements present themselves, Misterpell can be the third party without vested interests to ask questions, consult and advise the clients past these small patches.  It’s actually a great time when clients ‘open up’ and by just paying attention to every one’s ‘needs and wants’ can potentially result in a great design solution that’s a blend of something for everyone.

Written by Harold Pell

Harold Pell

Harold Pell is one of the most successful Interior Designers in the San Diego area. He is the recipient of nine San Diego ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) Chapter Presidential Citations and has received six Chapter Certificates of Appreciation.