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San Diego Designer - New And Modern Additions For A Luxurious Bathroom

New And Modern Additions For A Luxurious Bathroom

It is common thought that a fancy bathroom is all about the grand scale. In reality, a luxury bathroom is a split between high end features and subtle details. Bathrooms are a main focal point in the decor of a home. The bathroom serves as a place of solitude and relaxation. Since this space is… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Dining Room Needs A Professional Makeover

Oftentimes, dining rooms are ignored, in favor of the kitchen counter or the breakfast nook or the couch. Unless, that is, you’re entertaining, or there’s a special occasion that you want to celebrate with family and friends. So don’t neglect that dining room!   Here are the top five reasons that your dining room should… Read more »

Impressing Guests with a Custom Entertainment Room

It is becoming quite customary for people to host gatherings in their home territory. While many locations around you might provide a unique and exciting atmosphere, you are at the mercy of a business and have to comply with their requirements for entertainment and such. Hosting a party in your own home gives you limitless… Read more »

Why Having Your Bedroom Interior Design Done By A Professional

Interior decorating is an exciting experience. Actually, it is quite an adrenaline rush. Being able to watch a room transform from its current state to something beautiful and creatively new is amazing. The process is no easy feat and there are plenty of decisions to be made. Overtaking a space, re-arranging the design scheme, changing… Read more »

Good Reasons to Work With a Certified/Licensed Interior Designer 2of2

5.  Helping Guide the Clients through the Decision Making Process.  The toughest part of designing or remodeling is selecting from the multitude of choices available to the consumer today.  At Pell Interiors we know our sources and are continually updating this information.  Maintaining our relationships and making new ones well enough, we’re able to edit… Read more »